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What makes something memorable? Stories. Stories explain us. They connect us, reveal who we are. I look for the story behind the brand, the emotion behind the action and the why behind the what. Everything is a story and there are not enough storytellers. A Creative Writer, Copywriter and Storyteller from Kakamega, Eddy Ashioya prides himself in finding the face behind the façade.

Eddy Ashioya’s Achilles heel is his unrequited love for home-cooked, soft-peeling, eat-all-you-want chapatis.

Eddy Ashioya- Walking With Jesus

Nairobi, Nairoberry, KaNairo

If you find yourself 1-v-1 with an avocado and say, “Hii nitakula kesho.” You have already lost that war.

How I Lost My Faith in Church

Jesus has always been box-office. You can tell by how the church, and in extension, religious organisations have been serving popcornentertainment by falling over themselves, angling to frolic in...

How To Bury a Comrade

The villagers are made puny by the backdrop of stoicism in the face of the comrades, which loom like colossi and then by the event itself. It’s a kamikaze mission. A comrade’s death is a cenotaph, buried deep in the unmarked graves of our hearts.

It’s Time to talk about Kunyonga Monkey in Men

Porn is like potato chips. They may taste good, but will never fully nourish you and is not sustainable as a diet. Sex without intimacy is just empty calories.


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