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What makes something memorable? Stories. Stories explain us. They connect us, reveal who we are. I look for the story behind the brand, the emotion behind the action and the why behind the what. Everything is a story and there are not enough storytellers. A Creative Writer, Copywriter and Storyteller from Kakamega, Eddy Ashioya prides himself in finding the face behind the façade.

Eddy Ashioya’s Achilles heel is his unrequited love for home-cooked, soft-peeling, eat-all-you-want chapatis.

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The Skint Game: Like Your Love, This Valentine’s Day is Unlike Any Other

It is now exactly *checks notes* nine years since I took someone’s daughter for a date at Java. I was fresh off the high school boat, a greenhorn in matters red. I had been saving up for several...

Live Your Nightmare: A First Date

Back when I was a highly impressionable young man with a sepia tinted view of the world, I always looked at things in twos. I loved dating, I still do, but I used to, too. I consider this our first...

Keep Your Nose Out of Your Friends’ Business

How To Advise A Man In Love: Do Not As the old romantic saying almost goes: if you love something, let it go – naturally while retaining a semblance of hope that it will come back. Is there anything...