SARAHAH PRESSER: Leave a Message… or Nah.


I don’t what will cause World War 3, but World War 4 will be fought with keyboards and hashtags. 

~ Chinedu ~


Are you on Sarahah?

If the answer is yes, stop reading this post and get back to wanking you eschewed low life. But before you go, Leave a constructive message.

Sarahah, Arabic for ‘Honesty’, is an app made for pleasure seeking and pain-justifying  people with no sense of honesty – okay, that’s not constructive – it  is a chance for friends and co-workers to offer advice, comment on your strengths and weaknesses, or just point out problems.  Sarahah is the new viral. It’s lit. And boy, aren’t the millennials loving it!

Keyboard warriors and trolls have received an early Christmas gift, and they couldn’t wait to unwrap their package. The current internet obsession has 5M+ downloads on Play Store, and the app is becoming a craving rather than a bite. Sort of a Facebook wannabe – but not quite.

For those who live in the stone age and have refused to stay woke, Sarahah, is an app that lets you receive anonymous messages, from workplace or friends, or at least that what the app developers say. That’s not all, the app, supposedly helps users ‘improve friendship by discovering strengths and areas for improvement and ‘let your friends be honest with you.’ End of presser.

With this anonymity, sharing a compliment seems somehow more or less, well, bragging. Talk about a misconstrued society.

With this anonymity, you might as well as take on another persona, and fool yourself into believing it. Did I hear someone say lift the veil.?


Sarahah is the textbook case of the old adage ‘Give people a mask, and they will reveal their true self.’

But don’t be fooled, this app is not for the weak-hearted.

The app is a flawless formula for depression. It can either make you feel very good about yourself, or aggravate your every insecurity. There are no in-betweens. It can drive you over the edge within minutes – and walks the borderline between narcissism and sadism – the perfect blend for trolls.

Sarahah just shows the kind of egoistic people in our culture today. People who would rather hide behind the screen and tell you exactly what they think of you rather than face you and do the same. Sarahah focuses more on messaging and less on social media.

As India Today says, ‘You can send messages to yourself and proudly display them on social media. This is a reflection of today’s world – where Facebook likes, Snapchat followers and Instagram likes matter more to people than actual friends, face to face interactions and familial bonds.’


And here’s the (un)fortunate news, depending on which side of the edge you are, the app has only 3 staff. And that is where, Sarahah, sorry, honesty, goes out the window.


Granted, Saudi developer Zain al-Abidin, who created the app and launched it as a web service in February, did not see it quickly morphing into an app by June. Made for the workplace, it has quickly (de)generated into a safe haven for trolls feeding on the increasing insecurities of the Y.O.L.O generation, with self-esteem so low, you could cut it with a butter knife.


Now I am no judge of morality, neither do I give a rat’s tail about how one uses their social media, but with the growing popularity of Sarahah, this could just be an excuse by cyber bullies to attack vulnerable millennials. But hey, who cares. Y.O.L.O.

And the most common messages? ‘Hey are you single?’ ‘You fat’ ‘Would you cheat on your bae?

Sarahaha is a ticking time bomb. Tick tock.

As someone said, Sarahah is nothing but Russian roulette for your ego. You might get some highs, but oh dear, the lows take you within spitting distance of Satan himself. So much for an honesty app.


But is it the app’s fault? The app is a platform. The users are the problem.

But for the sake of FOMO, let me leave a constructive message.

‘The Sarahah app is a sad indictment of who we are, a repulsive obsession to justify ourselves, and a sickening stance of the society we have become.’

Honesty , Sarahah, is the best policy.


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  1. Hahaha always so tickling!! The app is more relevant to public figures rather than the ‘wannabes’ who are flocking our social media..I’ll leave my name on top right of your screen so you know who I am😂😂😂😂

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